The “Disability Project”

Channels: SAT-7 ARABIC

This was a complex project consisting of many different types of programs and funded by several donors. The main goal was to raise the status of people with disabilities in the Arab world. The project included:

  • Two series of game shows, where children with special needs teamed up with other children in fun and educational games, thus demonstrating that all have something to contribute.
  • A 26-episode documentary series showed examples of successful inclusion from Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.
  • Short program segments for children, presenting the talents of children with special needs.
  • A series of short TV spots (Public Service Announcements) focusing on the rights of persons with disabilities.
  • A series of 26 talk shows, live from Beirut, discussing the status of persons with disabilities, engaging the audience directly through live call-ins during the show.



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