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This is an exciting time for our ministry, as our leaders and staff prepare to launch the new SAT-7 ACADEMY channel. SAT-7 invites you behind the scenes to take a closer look at what it takes to turn a vision into reality.

As the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region faces devastating challenges, a vision, for how SAT-7 should respond, is vital to its work.

Chief Channels Officer and Deputy CEO, Rita Elmounayer visiting a refugee camp in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, assessing the situation of the children and youth, looking at how SAT-7 can meet their needs through its programming.




When Chief Channels Officer and Deputy CEO Rita Elmounayer shared her vision for a new educational channel, her passion for equipping the MENA with quality learning was very clear. The importance of this new initiative and the value it would bring to the region, had everyone at SAT-7excited and, truthfully, slightly apprehensive.

But vision alone would not bring to life a whole new channel. As famous author Warren Bennis once said, “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” Against difficult odds, and “bit by bit” as Rita always says, every department has been inspired to think creatively and work together to get the channel off the ground. We hope the result will be a channel that will help equip people in the MENA with lifelong learning, positive values, a love for their culture, and a passion to make a difference in the region.


Alongside the SAT-7 ACADEMY channel, SAT-7 has launched an e-learning platform on a new interactive website, Here viewers can watch programs on demand, customise their learning, and track their progress.



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